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Space Mission Story Update

It’s finally here! The 6th and last story in our super fun reading programme has landed!

‘Space Mission’ is our brand new book all about a very clever alien called Slimy who can do anything and knows everything.

Only on planet Mars, that is.

He’s always wanted to go on holiday to Earth, but the only problem is, he’s got a lot of questions to ask about this strange and unfamiliar planet before he plucks up the courage to go.

By reading this funny and entertaining book at the start of the unit, children will be excited to help Slimy learn about Earth and eager to play the hands-on, rocket ship reading game that follows.

Look inside the book to see for yourself 🙂

Space Mission Page 1

Space Mission page 2

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Hannah Angrave

Hannah Angrave | Founder of Wriggly Readers, learning through play enthusiast and on a mission to make reading fun for 1 million children!

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