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Escape From The Zoo Story Update

The ‘Escape From The Zoo’ book is now finished!

This one was particularly fun to design because of its silliness. The funny story will really capture the children’s interest and imagination as they will see all the animals behaving in a very different way to normal as they run wild around the town!

The aim of this Reading Adventure is to send the children on an urgent ‘zoo keeper-mission’ to find all the lost animals and return them safely to the zoo.

Having this brand new picture book at the beginning of the unit will put the learning into an exciting, themed context and give the children a real purpose for learning to read.

Take a look at some of the pages and let me know what you think in the comments box below!


Escape From The Zoo Example Page 1

Escape From The Zoo Example Page 2

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Hannah Angrave

Hannah Angrave | Founder of Wriggly Readers, learning through play enthusiast and on a mission to make reading fun for 1 million children!

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