Testimonials - Wriggly Readers


"The progress has been immense"

Sarah Ghattaora, Head Teacher at Standhill Infants School

“100% of children doubled the number of sounds and words they could read by the end of the programme and some children actually went beyond that and tripled the number of words they recognised. A lot of that was to do with the repetition of doing it every day and the fact that they suddenly enjoyed reading because they could see a point to it. Children that only knew a handful of phonics at the beginning can now read full sentences. The progress has been immense.”

"The children are engaged from the start"

Nina Rickman, F2 Teaching Assistant at Standhill Infants School

“It’s fantastic! The children are engaged from the start by the puppet and the letter which covers what the game is about. They are fixated straight away, they absolutely loved it. One little boy in my group asked to play it every single day. He didn’t used to like reading but now his confidence has gone through the roof!”

"It will enthuse the boys because it's very hands-on"

Lisa Harper, Head Teacher at Phoenix Infants School

“The training was brilliant! All the staff had the opportunity to explore each box and be enthusiastic about it themselves. They are very excited and ready to use it. The benefit will be children learning their phonics in an exciting and interesting way, but also wanting to carry on and learn at home. It will enthuse the boys because it’s very hands-on, they will just be so enthusiastic and want to take part”

"Fantastic resources and very easy to use"

Joanne Smith, Year 2 Teaching Assistant at Phoenix Infants School

“I’m currently working with a Year 2 class and they would really engage with this. You gave us fantastic resources, very easy to use and enough to keep you going from a week to week basis. The story at the start of each game is brilliant, I can see the children loving that!”

Children are continuing to make progress

Claire Hart, Head Teacher at St John Lloyd Primary School

“We are still using Wriggly Readers, our children look forward to their daily morning sessions. Children are also continuing to make progress through this programme so a huge thank you from us.”

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