Meet the new member of our team... - Wriggly Readers

Meet the new member of our team…


I’d like to introduce a brand new member of our Wriggly Readers team…

Say hello to Maple!

She came into our lives on 22nd June 2018 and filled our hearts with more love than we could ever imagine.

So that explains why things have been a little quiet around here whilst I’ve been on Maternity Leave – speaking from a business point of view that is, certainly not as a new mum!

As an inquisitive 9 month old, Maple loves nothing more than exploring touchy feely board books, chewing on crackly fabric pages or putting the odd bite mark on front covers!

It goes without saying that storytime is a big part of her life and a special part of our daily routine which stirs her curiosity, stimulates her senses and encourages lots of happy babbling.

It’s so fascinating to watch the very start of her learning to read journey and it’s opened my eyes to all the incredible milestones that children achieve from birth, long before they even begin to recognise letters or read words.

I don’t just have my ‘teacher’ hat on anymore, or even my ‘Wriggly Readers’ hat for that matter. As a new parent I can see things from a totally different perspective and now that I’ve got a child of my own, I feel even more determined to help struggling readers and reach my goal of helping 1 million children learn to read.

Every child is someone elses ‘Maple’ and they deserve the best opportunities to read at home and at school – and it’s up to US to create those life-enhancing experiences for them every single day.

So if you’d like to find out more about how our award-winning reading support programme can help the children in your class, order your free book now.

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Hannah Angrave

Hannah Angrave | Founder of Wriggly Readers, learning through play enthusiast and on a mission to make reading fun for 1 million children!

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